Roae Supports Efforts to Fund State-Related Universities
Rep. Brad Roae (R-Crawford) predicts that it will be at least Monday until the House votes on bills to fund Pitt, Penn State and three other measures for state-related institutions.
“I voted five times on Wednesday to bring the college funding bills up for a vote, but the Democrats blocked them,” Roae said. “One after another the Democrats voted against allowing the Pitt, Penn State and the three other college funding bills to come up for votes.”
Roae said the schools will have to raise tuition if the college funding bills are not approved.
“The funding should have been passed by June 30 as part of the budget, but the Democrats have blocked them for several months” Roae said   
“At 11 p.m. last night, when voting session ended, the Democratic speaker of the House announced that voting session would be at 8 a.m. on Thursday. At midnight, he changed it to 10 a.m.; then, at about 10:15 a.m., he postponed voting session for the rest of the day.
“The table game gambling expansion bill was up for the third and final day of consideration, but Speaker McCall moved it back to make it the second day of consideration again so they could amend it,” Roae said. “The speaker, majority leader, and governor are demanding that the gambling bill and the $200 million in expected tax revenue pass before bringing up the $600 million in bills to fund the colleges. The House Republican Appropriations Committee reports that $400 million of it could be passed before the gambling bill.”
Roae said the attorney general has a grand jury investigating gambling casino corruption.
“Many of us (in the General Assembly) believe we should not give table game licenses to people who may be under investigation,” Roae said. “It would be prudent to wait until the attorney general’s investigation is completed before we consider table games.”
“If we do approve table games, the tax revenue should be used for property tax cuts rather than for regular government spending. Gambling was supposed to dramatically lower our property taxes, a promise many believe has not been kept.”
Roae said many people are also concerned about current bill language that would allow casinos to make loans to customers who are out of money but want to keep gambling.   
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