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Roae to Introduce Measure Banning ‘Secret Amendments’ in House Committees

After learning on Tuesday that the public does not have online access to legislative amendments prior to when they are voted on in House committee meetings, Rep. Brad Roae (R-Crawford) today announced his intent to introduce legislation making such amendments available to residents on the Legislature’s website. 

“This issue just came to my attention,” Roae said.  “The public does not have access to amendments prior to House committee meetings.  I most often use the internal e-mail that committee members receive and I use the internal website state House members use.  I did not realize the amendments are not posted on the public website for public view.” 

In response, Roae plans to introduce a House Resolution to amend the House rules and require amendments to bills in committee to be posted on the Legislature’s public website.  He also plans to introduce a bill in the House to put the same sunshine requirement for bill amendments before House committees in statute. 

Roae serves on the House State Government Committee, which on Tuesday held a meeting to consider 10 separate bills.  Eight of the 10 bills had amendments that were not available for public review before the meeting. 

Roae also serves on the House Insurance Committee, which on Tuesday voted on three bills that had amendments that were not available to citizens before the committee votes. 

“Amendments can be significant,” Roae said.  “A few years ago, a two-page bill was amended with a 100-plus page amendment that became the legislation to make slot machine parlors legal.  The controversial legislative pay raise in 2005 was a lengthy amendment on a two-page bill.  Many amendments are technical corrections or minor changes, but the public has a right to read all of them.” 

Amendments considered when a bill is before the entire House are sunshined and available to the public on the Legislature’s website. 

“House floor amendments are available to citizens and are part of the public record,” Roae said.  “Citizens can read them and then voice their opinions on whether their representatives should vote for or against them.  Committee amendments are top secret unless you are one of approximately two dozen people who serve on that House committee.  The other 12.5 million people in Pennsylvania are denied the opportunity to view the amendments we vote on at committee meetings.” 

Rep. Brad Roae
6th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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