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Harrisburg PA 17120-2006
Phone: (717) 787-2353
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New Legislator to Represent Titusville in State House
QUESTION: Will you represent the Titusville area in 2015?

ANSWER: It has been my honor to serve the people of Titusville since I took office. As a result of the redistricting process, I will no longer represent Titusville beginning Dec. 1.
Redistricting takes place every 10 years following the U.S. Census. Pennsylvania legislative districts are redrawn to account for population shifts and changes.
A bipartisan panel redraws the legislative boundary lines, which must then be approved by the courts.

The panel shifted the district I represent to the west and the north. In fact, the district I represent now includes portions of western Erie County. This shift removed Titusville from the 6th Legislative District – which I represent – and moved it to the 65th Legislative District, which is held by state Rep. Kathy Rapp.

Rapp will be taking over the district office I established at 109 S. Washington St. in Titusville. If you have questions or comments about state government-related issues, you can continue to go to that district office. The phone number will remain 814-827-6054.

You can learn more about Rapp by visiting her website at You can learn more about the redistricting process in Pennsylvania by visiting Ristedricting.State.PA.US.

It has been my honor to represent the good, hard-working people of Titusville. When I traveled to Harrisburg to vote on important issues, I always remembered the people of Titusville when casting my vote for different initiatives on the House floor.

I wish the people of Titusville best wishes for the future and am confident the community will continue to grow and advance in the years ahead. I wish my colleague, Rep. Rapp, the best of luck as she works with the people of Titusville to address local issues and delivers their concerns to the state Capitol in Harrisburg.

This column also marks the end of my series of question-and-answer articles in the Titusville Herald. I cannot thank the Herald enough for offering me the opportunity to answer questions from area residents. The people of Titusville are fortunate to have the Herald as a local newspaper delivering quality and insightful news to the people in the area.

I offer my best wishes to the people of the Titusville area, Rep. Rapp and the Titusville Herald as you all work together to improve this great community.
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