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Paycheck Protection Bill Being Considered in State House
QUESTION: What is the paycheck protection legislation that is currently being considered by the state House?

ANSWER: Paycheck protection legislation would end the practice of tax dollars being used to pay government employees to deduct, process and mail political campaign contributions to special interest groups. It also would do the same practice for union dues.

As a matter of personal freedom, I support the right of people to contribute to the political causes they support. However, taxpayers should not be financially responsible for collecting the money and distributing it to those causes.

Under existing state law, school teachers and other education union members may choose to have a portion of their paychecks sent to the Pennsylvania State Education Association political campaign fund. Those deductions are made by payroll employees who are paid with tax dollars. In essence, taxpayers are paying to help collect money for a political campaign fund.

If education union members would like to contribute to the Pennsylvania State Education Association, the National Rifle Association or any other group’s campaign fund, I support their fundamental right to do so. However, taxpayers should not subsidize that process.

If you want to contribute to a political campaign fund, you have to send in a check or make an online contribution. Payroll protection legislation would simply require school union employees to take the same steps rather than relying on taxpayer-funded payroll workers or processes to do it for them. I believe school union workers are fully capable of mailing in a check or submitting a contribution through a computer.

I believe union membership should be free and voluntary. If a union exists at the place where a worker seeks employment and he or she would like to join it, I believe the worker should be able to do so. They also should be willing to pay the dues associated with union membership.

However, those who do not wish to join a union should not be forced to do so. Current law allows union contracts to require workers to join the union as a condition of employment or else pay a large portion – approximately 80 percent – of the union dues even though they chose not to join. The 80 percent of the dues payment is taken from the workers’ checks through payroll deduction, even though the worker chose not to join the union.

According to recent statistics, approximately 734,000 of the 12.8 million people who live in Pennsylvania are in unions. That means that approximately 6 percent – or more than one out of every 20 Pennsylvanians – are in a union. Paycheck protection is an issue that affects a lot of people.
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