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Roae Sworn In for Third Term

State Rep. Brad Roae (R-Crawford) on Tuesday, Jan. 4, officially was sworn into office to serve the people of the 6th Legislative District during a ceremony in the state Capitol.  It marks the beginning of his third two-year term. 

“I am very honored to represent the good people of Crawford County,” Roae said.  “I will continue to work hard to serve them and perform the job they elected me to do.  I am very thankful that the voters have given me an opportunity to serve them.” 

House Republicans hold a considerable majority in the chamber with 112 of the 203 seats held by their party.  This will mark the first time Roae has served as a member of the majority party in the House. 

“I am looking forward to working with Scott Hutchinson, Kathy Rapp and my other Republican colleagues,” Roae said.  “It will be important for us to advance an agenda that promotes job growth, rejects tax increases, pushes for smaller government, defends the right to bear arms and is pro-life.  My hope is that many of the conservative Democrats in the House also will vote in support of our commonsense agenda.” 

Roae also looks forward to serving alongside a Republican administration in the governor’s office, as Gov.-elect Tom Corbett will be sworn into office later this month to replace outgoing Democrat Gov. Ed Rendell. 

“I am excited about working with Corbett because we share a lot of the same stances on important issues.  He apparently understands that, in order to balance a budget, you need to cut spending rather than raise taxes.  He also seems to get the fact that government should not micromanage everything people do and regulate them to death.” 

Roae said he spent a considerable amount of time during his first four years in office fighting against bad ideas that came out of the Rendell administration. 

“I spent a lot of energy standing up for local constituents by opposing Rendell’s pro-Philadelphia liberal agenda,” Roae said.  “I had to oppose the law Rendell signed to put tolls on Interstate 80 and every other tax increase proposal he came up with to dig deeper into the pockets of Pennsylvania taxpayers.  It will be nice to work on some commonsense ideas that the people around here support.” 

Rep. Brad Roae
6th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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(717) 787-2353
Contact: Dan Massing
(717) 772-9845
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