Shapiro Budget Would Lead to Tax Increases, Roae Says
HARRISBURG — Rep. Brad Roae (R-Crawford/Erie) issued the following statement in response to Gov. Josh Shapiro’s 2024-25 budget proposal:

“A tax increase about three years from now is the likely outcome if we pass Gov. Shapiro’s budget proposal. My constituents cannot afford a tax increase when they are dealing with record high inflation under President Joe Biden. You can’t spend more than you take in and balance excessive budgets forever using reserve funds.

“The state budget should only grow at the rate of inflation. There should be unanimous agreement to save reserve funds, so we are prepared in the event of a major recession or natural disaster. As the Boy Scout motto states ‘be prepared.’ The governor’s budget instead leaves us vulnerable and sets the table for a tax increase in the future.

“This proposal is just the first step in the yearly budget process. I hope that the governor will now honestly negotiate a realistic plan and drop the political campaign rhetoric.”

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The 6th Legislative District includes the city of Meadville; Beaver, Conneaut, East Fairfield, East Fallowfield, East Mead, Fairfield, Greenwood, Hayfield, North Shenango, Pine, Randolph, Sadsbury, South Shenango, Spring, Summerhill, Summit, Union, Vernon, Wayne, West Fallowfield, West Mead and West Shenango townships; and Cochranton, Conneaut Lake, Conneautville, Linesville and Springboro boroughs in Crawford County and Conneaut, Elk Creek and Springfield townships and Albion and Cranesville boroughs in Erie County.

Representative Brad Roae
6th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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