Roae and PASSHE Board Vote to Sell Porreco College
MEADVILLE – State Rep. Brad Roae (R-Crawford/Erie) and his colleagues on the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) Board of Governors today voted to enable Edinboro University to sell its Porreco College on West 38th Street in Millcreek Township.

“The concept behind the Porreco College wasn’t appealing to enough students,” Roae said. “The students who went there enjoyed it, but there weren’t enough of them. Our focus now has to be on helping those students chart a new path forward.”

Current students will be able to transition to taking classes at Edinboro University’s main campus or online.

Edinboro University’s Porreceo College campus spans approximately 26 acres and includes several buildings totaling an estimated 30,000 square feet of offices, classrooms and other spaces.

The college offers two-year associate degree programs as well as professional certifications.

The affordable price of attending the college combined with the grants, scholarships and other financial aid available to students made Porreco College a financially appealing option for people from low- and moderate-income households. The relatively low price tag, however, failed to be enough to draw students and fill classrooms.

Roae said the reduction in operating costs associated with closing the college combined with the influx of money from the sale should help reduce the need for tuition increases in the near future at Edinboro University.

“We are laser focused on continuing to provide affordable higher education options for Pennsylvania students,” Roae said. “We also aren’t afraid to admit when something isn’t working and we need to change our approach. We will continue to look for ways to provide quality, affordable higher education opportunities to the sons and daughters of farmers, plumbers, electricians, police officers, firefighters and other middle-class families in Pennsylvania.”

Roae said Edinboro University’s Council of Trustees, the governing body of the school, supports the sale of Porreco College.

Roae participated remotely by computer in the PASSHE Board of Governors meeting, which was conducted online.

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