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Roae Supports No-Tax-Increase Framework of Governor’s Budget Proposal
HARRISBURG – Rep. Brad Roae (R-Crawford) said he was pleased Gov. Tom Corbett today delivered a budget proposal to a joint session of the state House and Senate that includes no new or increased taxes.

“Pennsylvania families simply can’t afford to pay higher taxes,” Roae said. “That means those of us in state government must make the difficult decisions necessary to bring expenses in line with revenues. I applaud the governor for proposing a balanced budget that does not increase taxes.”

The governor’s budget proposal calls for a more than $300 million increase in funding for the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), which funnels state dollars to local school districts. If enacted, the governor’s budget would increase funding for PDE from less than $9.6 billion to more than $9.9 billion, representing an increase of more than 3 percent.

With a total state budget proposal that would spend a little more than $27 billion, Roae noted that the nearly $10 billion dedicated to schools makes up approximately 37 percent of the state spending plan. When funding for colleges and universities is added in, the total spending amount climbs to nearly $10.3 billion, which is more than 38 percent of the entire state budget.

“Nearly 40 cents out of every dollar the state would spend would go toward education under the governor’s budget proposal,” Roae said.

The Department of Public Welfare (DPW) would consume more than $10.5 billion of state resources under the governor’s budget proposal. That represents nearly another 40 percent of the state budget.

“I believe in providing help to those who are truly in need, such as citizens with intellectual disabilities, elderly people with medical conditions and children, who obviously cannot fend for themselves,” Roae said. “However, it is an outrage when able-bodied and able-minded people choose to milk the system instead of finding a job. Public programs should be a safety net for those in need, not a hammock for those who want to avoid an honest day’s work.”

Roae noted that, unlike the federal government which runs up deficits and spends more than it brings in through revenues, the Commonwealth is constitutionally mandated to adopt a balanced budget. He regards that as a very good thing.

“We won’t spend $1.40 for every tax dollar that comes in,” Roae said. “We’re only going to spend what is available. That’s a fact of life that most Pennsylvania families abide by and it’s something our state government must follow as well.”

The governor’s budget address signals the beginning of the process to adopt a state spending plan. In the weeks and months ahead, the House and Senate will hold hearings to learn more about the specific details of the governor’s proposal.

“This is a complex proposal and it will take time to dig into all of the details,” Roae said. “I am pleased with the overall framework that spends within Pennsylvanians’ means without raising taxes. We can work to tweak some of the specifics as we move forward, but the budget proposal is built on a firm foundation of fiscal responsibility.”

Constituents can find additional information about the governor’s budget proposal on Roae’s website at

State Representative Brad Roae
6th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact: Dan Massing
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